Flock 2016 Schedule


Fri-Sun, July 22-24
Fri-Sun, July 29-31

Star Mountain Amphitheater

139 Star Mountain Rd,
Sharon, VT

Posters [PDF]

Flock Dance Troupe performs WOMAN which follows the journey and development of an activist.  This dance/theater work holds a series of vignettes showing the stages and influences along a woman’s life’s path.  Women are most comfortable with change – which is sorely needed. Are we telling or listening?  Are we controlling or being inclusive?   How much is enough?  All this and more is examined through dance involving gesture and body language. Flock’s dream theater work contains stirring eclectic music, lyrical, startling & pictorial dance.   

The Amphitheater setting carries its own magic and welcomes pre-show picnicking. Families and the hearing impaired are particularly invited.  Audience members are encouraged to bring a stick or twig for an unusual participatory ending.


   information: carolang@aol.com or 802-765-4454